.NET Core now supported

.NET Core is now included in the profiling types!

I just tested it by creating a hello world console app, and created a webapi and mvc project. All seemed to work on my machine.
I did not have the chance (read: the time) to create real .NET Core projects. So this is were I’m asking for your help: please test it on your own projects and let me know if it all works or if there are any issues. I’ll be happy to help you out or to fix stuff, but I can only do this if you keep mee posted. So pretty please with sugar on the top, tell me about your .NET core adventures in Codetrack.

Actually this goes for all other usage of Codetrack as well: often stuff works on my machine, however there’s always this one user with the right/wrong combination of OS, FW and what not 🙂

Make sure to check out the HOW TO

Happy profiling !



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